Sophie Spekle’s practice consists of combining a variety of media/materials in search of the transformation and different states of ‘things’. Theoretical research and writings co-exist parallel to her physical work and sporadically intertwine. Her curiosity as to how humans cope with an ever-growing complexity in networked society, have led her to question the functionality of the body, the hierarchy of things, the perceivability of what is real and what not, and the flux in our relationship to the non-human. Therefore, bodily forms (or even the non-extistence of the body/or/fragmentation thereof) and language (may it be textual or not?) are returning fundamental factors in Spekle’s practice.

“Our bodies are orchestrated to fulfil whatever needs to be done. The functionality of everything that exists is in service of the structures that we have built. Can we break these structures down in protest, piece by piece? Can we break through the ‘logical’ structures of things, the hierarchy of humans over non-humans within society? And in that way, creating space to allow the usefulness of useless things to interact and transform and move.”