“Layers and layers of barely there”

…is the title to an exhibition that took place at the EXboot (Nijverheid, Utrecht) but has become the name of a project encompassing all experiments concerning concrete.

A few of these works were shown in the group exhibition Hurray Belofte Jubilee at Kunstliefde (Utrecht) in 2020. Others were on view during Layers and layers of barely there at EXboot earlier that year. Jolanda Schouten wrote a piece about the latter for DUIC Krant. You can read it here:
DUIC Krant NR. 106 – Text page #15 (bottom)

The following is an excerpt from the text accompanying the work at EXboot:

“Remnants of sketches and fossils have melted into the concrete tablets: they are being held in the heavy, gray masses. Within the tablets there’s a play between lightness and heaviness, fluidity and decay. Reliefs appear – they long to float off but find themselves stuck in a structure. From all these fragments new figures, objects and collages emerge.”

“Layers and layers of barely there” exhibition. EXboot, Utrecht. 
“HURRAY BELOFTE JUBILEE” exhibition. Kunstliefde, Utrecht.